InkBlot Illusions


InkBlots: A blotted pattern of spilled ink

This is a technique used since the 15th century by artists like Leonardo Da Vinci or Botticelli to stimulate their imagination.

InkBlots give me the freedom to doodle on top of random ink stains, letting my hand draw free over the colors, creating different shapes, faces and, monsters. No censure. No regrets. Every mistake will be revamped and will create a Work of Art.

Now I want you to experience, imagine, create your own inkblots. Use the random stains to stimulate your senses, forget what is right or wrong, everyone can enjoy Art.

External Link: InkBlot Illusions at Poe Park Visitor Center Gallery

Laura Alvarez

I was born in Valencia, Spain. I finished the Fine Arts Degree in 2001 in the Universitat Politecnica of Valencia. Also spent a semester on an Erasmus exchange in KIAD (Kent Institute of Art and Design). Always interested in learning more, I try new things attending many different workshops such as batik, silk printing, improv, theater, photography, typography, hand made bookbinding, etc. After starting the Doctorate in Valencia I starts working in different companies as a creative, graphic designer, theater set designer for the University and Director of Communications and Public Relations in a private school in Valencia. Since January 2009 I'm based in New York working as freelance for different companies designing greeting cards, wrapping papers and illustrating.

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