Art on the Run, Illustration for Mental Floss Magazine


Illustration for Mental Floss Magazine. In the 1960s, a group of Florida painters couldn’t get galleries to carry their work. So they hit the road and turned the whole state into their gallery. Alfred Hair, the de facto leader of The Highwaymen traveled from town to town to sell their landscape paintings straight from the trunk of their cars.

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christina ung

Christina was born in Bangkok, Thailand. When she was 3, she flew to Canada where she was introduced to Barbie and Lego... and have never left the country since. Such toys were the source of her creativity as a child. Growing up, she would sometimes create things and found the greatest joy in the responses her creations evoked. As a resolve, Christina pursued an art career and received her BAA Illustration Degree at Sheridan College in 2007. Since then, she has illustrated for several editorial and commercial clients across North America. Her images are geared towards adults and children and themes relating to lifestyle, animal rights, fashion, people and social expressions. Influences from vintage western prints and posters and graffiti street arts to Japanese Woodblocks are expressed in her colour palettes and brush strokes. Besides illustrating, she also loves chocolate, cheesy romance movies, yoga, reading comics, and travelling.

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