Primordial Cordial, Album Cover by Carlos Araujo


UK band Smerin’s Anti-Social Club new album features artwork created by Brazilian illustrator Carlos Araujo. A whimsical machine creating a juicy concoction: the “Primordial Cordial”!

“The concept offered a lot of interesting and inspiring ideas: science, creativity, trying to combine different elements to create something artistic, basic life forms, primordial ooze, abiogenesis… I tried to fit them in some (hopefully) coherent and eye catching image. I thought about a machine that creates the “Primordial Cordial” drink and put it in the centre of the stage”

Discover the story behind the creation of “Primordial Cordial” artwork by visiting Carlos Araujo’s blog!

External Link: Primordial Cordial, Album Cover by Carlos Araujo

Carlos Araujo

Carlos Araujo is an illustrator. He lives with his wife and his daughter in an apartment so large that sometimes they get lost in it.

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