Knockgraffon – A Middle Bronze Age Irish Byre


A reconstruction illustration of a Bronze Age Irish Byre, more to be read about the archaeology and reconstruction over in the blog post

External Link: Knockgraffon- A Middle Bronze Age Irish Byre

JG O Donoghue

JG O’Donoghue is an emerging illustrator and artist from Cork, Ireland, who creates archaeological and heritage illustration and art. He finished his masters in Illustration, at Hertfordshire university in 2010, previous to that his degree was in Digital Design. For the past 2 years he has done a variety of commissions, from creating illustrations, to fine art and graphic design. His work has appeared in magazines, newspapers, exhibitions and various other media. He is open to all commissions and can usually accomodate and adapt to most budgets, no job is too small or big. He approaches all his work professionally and prides himself in not finishing till he brings all pieces to as a high standard as possible. He thoroughly enjoys the process of working with others to bring their vision to fruition, creating a unique piece that could not be created by either party alone. When he is not illustrating he works on his personal work which explores aspects of Irish heritage and cultural memory, exploring the Irish landscape through the lens of language, art, geography and archaeology. He works Principally in the media; graphite, pastels, pen and ink and painting with Acrylic ink and watercolour. He is also the founder of Islander Art, a collective of Irish and English artists and illustrators. Finally, he also created the monthly Irish sketch adventure group ‘Sceitse’ and is an Irish speaker.

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