Inkymole’s Holiday Inn Express Times Square billboard


If you’re a Manhattanite, you might walk past this in Times Square between now and mid-June. Or rather, UNDER IT, as it’s a beast of a thing at 70ft tall. It’s all done in pencil on paper for Ogilvy NYC. How my brain has swelled (and fingers). And the little man isn’t real, but he is believed to be named after the quantum physicist who generated the original formulae.

External Link: Holiday Inn Express Times Square billboard (Close-up Image)


'Write me a picture, paint me a story!' I draw for all sorts of people in my little rooftop studio and am happiest with my tongue out over a sheet or paper and some antique nibs. I'm known for my word-heavy pieces which adorn everything from book covers to ad campaigns to pie boxes and cheese and tattoos. I get with finding these jobs from my agent Bernstein and Andriulli of New York. My solo show 'If A Girl Writes Off The World' opened at the Truman Brewery, London last year and toured to Manhattan's Chelsea in Spring and Providence in Summer '07. I got very excited about creating the cover illustrations for Sage Francis' latest album 'Human The Death Dance', and am continuing to collaborate with him and his various outputs. You can see chatty bits, slideshows and other online sparklies at Here's a sample of the people who've been on the receiving end of my Quink-and-nib creations: Leo Burnett, J. Walter Thompson NY & LDN, WWAV Rapp Collins, Random House, Harpercollins, Scholastic, Walker Books, Channel 4, Avon, Sage Francis,, The Times, The Observer.

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