Eva Prada – Be a superhero


Custom Commissioned portraits… Do you wanna see yourself in the skin of Spiderman or Batman? Have you ever dream of being a superhero? Do you have a comic fan friend birthday and you don’t know which present to give him/her? This is the best present you may give him/her then!!.

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Eva Prada

I'm a digital artist based in Madrid- Spain. You can check my illustration portfolio in here: http://www.evabites.com/ilustracion.html Illustration's been my passion since I can remember, although since I started working in year 2000 I've been working in very different kind of design areas. you can check my resume in here: http://www.evabites.com/CV_2011.pdf I'm currently working in game Industry, but I have also experience in infographics, web, multimedia etc. I have also created my brand "laPulpa" where I explore differents materials to create illustrated objects from jewelry to textile and obviously digital illustrations. Anyway everything I do always revolves around illustration, where I like to move across different styles, make sketches from life, concentrate on the anatomy and develop my own cartoon characters... I do not want to be pigeonholed, therefore I practice the widest range possible, that's why here you can find, portraits, digital illustrations, Pin ups, pictures of superheroes or children's illustrations. For same reason I work with the latest digital techniques (Photoshop, Painter and even 3D Studio), without forgetting the pencil, charcoal, watercolor or acrylic.

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