Bev Hogue – Pop Femme Sugar Coated Strange 2013


Canadian artist Bev Hogue will be introducing her Blue or Nothing portraits to Pop Gallery in Sante Fe New Mexico. The exhibit entitled Pop Femme Sugar Coated Strange will run from May 3 to June 30 and includes artists such as Kristen Margiotta, CJ Metzger, Kari Lise-Alexander, Miss Mindy, Phresha Levandale, Pamela Macias among others.

External Link: Bev Hogue – Pop Femme Sugar Coated Strange 2013


Bev Hogue BLUE OR NOTHING collection Glamour is the face of courage. It’s all about poise and confidence in the face of adversity. These women share a sense of dignity despite the difficult situations in which they find themselves. In the scale and the extremes of Dali I have always found release. It could be my Romanian roots, but I understand the temperament of the Spanish school. Beside the giant canvases of the St. Petersburg gallery and before the immense installations in his birthplace of Figueres, I am at home. Warmth and virtue is tested in the cool blue end of the spectrum.

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