Giorgio Baroni revamped and updated website!


After almost two years I decided to update (and restyle) my personal website. New layout and tons of new stuff, and more coming soon! Show some love and check it out. 😀

External Link: Giorgio Baroni revamped and updated website!


Born on August 20th 1982 near Milan, after graduating at Liceo Artistico Statale I° in 2001 attend the Industrial Design class at Politecnico di Milano. After the first semester he quit and choose a three year illustration class at Scuola del Fumetto, where he graduate in spring 2005. During these years participate in various contests. In 2006 he’s selected among thousands around the World to the “Torino città Olimpica” exhibition that took part in the first months of 2006, during Winter Olympic Games. He’s member of the Associazione Illustratori from 2005, and he’s part of the Board between 2008 and 2011. Selected for the Annual Illustratori Italiani from 2006. In the first years of his career collaborate with many Italian and foreign publishers, in Europe and United States. He mainly works for magazines, school books, readers and picturebooks.

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