Jose Fragoso – Artwork for Phlotilla by Topher Mohr.


Today PHLOTILLA is released: it is the second album by Topher Mohr and I have created all its artwork. It is based on the idea of a Skyline that takes you to fantastic worlds on board of vintage starships. Topher Mohr has been Mayer Hawthorne´s guitar player and this record is a mix between vintage pop, soul and funk: highly recommended, I LOVE it.

External Link: Jose Fragoso – Artwork for Phlotilla by Topher Mohr.

Jose Fragoso

I am an Spanish illustrator currently living in New York city. I´ve been working as an illustrator for children books, magazines, graphic novels and album artworks for the last ten years. Appart from illustration, I have studied Film Making and directed three short movies and two video clips.

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  1. Isa says:

    Cool music and art work! Highly recomended!

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