Raquel Costa – An illustrated monstruary


An exhibition by portuguese artist and illustrator Raquel Costa, depicting and “illustrated monstruary”, as an unconventional catalogue for strange creatures and misundersood monsters, with a taste for Victorian mysteries.

External Link: Raquel Costa – An illustrated monstruary

little black spot

I'm an artist and illustrator from Portugal, born in Oporto. I got a degree in Fine Arts from the Oporto School of Fine Arts, where I later also got a Master degree in Arts teaching. I've worked as a sculptor for a few years, and more recently got more focused on illustration. I see myself as a professional procrastinator and natural born hedonist; a work-in-progress-epicurist, more bartlebyan than situationist. I like the sun, books, trees, cats and victorian mysteries. I like to depict strange creatures and the twisted side of fairy tales.

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