New Illustration By Tofu Squirrel With Music By Sarah Blacker


Tofu Squirrel has been working on an assortment of new happy ice cream characters, also known as “ice cream people”. There are 5 pieces in total, and they will be on display at D-Structure in San Francisco during the month of February.

External Link: New Illustration By Tofu Squirrel With Music By Sarah Blacker


Tofusquirrel is an illustrator residing in the city of Boston. She is known for creating psychedelic creepy-cute illustrated posters for New England comics, MC Chris, Slick Rick, Math the Band, and Harry and the Potters. She is a member of a traveling all female urban art collective called Paint Pens In Purses, and painted a window mural at Boston's L.A.B in 2008. You can often spot Tofusquirrel art at local break dancing events and New England Comics on Free Comic Book Day. Tofusquirrel has been published in LA Weekly, The Boston Metro, The Boston Herald, Skirt Magazine, Taste Makers Magazine, Urban Velo Magazine, The FAT CHUNK robot anthology, a Tokyo Pop graphic novel, Off the Wookie magazine, and featured in the Best of Boston 2008 issue of the Boston Phoenix Newspaper. Upcoming events involving Tofusquirrel include a projected live drawing at the SPACE Alternative Arts Festival in Maine, a live painting at The Beehive Gallery in downtown LA, and a custom sneaker event at the Harvard Square Adidas location. Check for more info.

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  1. Dustcrumb says:

    Tofusquirrel’s art makes my mouth water! I wanna lick those eyeballs!

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