Charmagne Coe – Effusion


See Charmagne Coe’s new miniature painting, Effusion. It was created in watercolor, ink and pastel. You can read more about this and her other artworks at her blog.

External Link: Charmagne Coe – Effusion

Charmagne Coe

Charmagne Coe is an American surrealism artist. She creates inner and outer-worldly paintings with watercolor, ink and pastel. Inherent is a deep respect for the nature of automatism, the Spirit and contour line. Her work has been included in publications such as Utne Reader, Luxe Interiors + Design and Creative Quarterly. When she is not working in her little studio, she participates in international exhibitions. She also expresses wild expanses and heart-achy characters in pen and ink. Visit her website at

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