Thrive: iPad Art Classes for Kids


Theresa Harris from Thrive Art School (Seattle, WA) is on a mission to help parents raise the next generation of innovators by nurturing children’s creativity & confidence with the power of art. Thrive aims to bring art classes to every child’s home via a new series of online lessons.

External Link: Thrive: iPad Art Classes for Kids

4 Responses

  1. hearty says:

    This is awful and has nothing to do with free-flowing creativity. You’re teaching them to be Xerox machines. Sure, they will be able to draw pictures that look „good“ and they learn certain techniques. But nothing more.

    I don’t think that people like this will be able to change the world.

  2. @Hearty How would you get more kids appreciating art in this day and age? I’m sure Theresa would appreciate the feedback or competition if you have a better approach.

  3. @Hearty – appreciate your perspective. In my experience of teaching art to kids, I’ve found using a structured approach really helps them in the beginning. Especially kids that are afraid to draw or really overwhelmed at where to start to draw that complex image they see. The structured method breaks it down into a language they can grasp – just like we teach the alphabet long before kids become that award winning novelist. Having this base foundation boosts their confidence and increases their interest in art – and is a spring board to finding their own unique style.

    If you have experience teaching children – I’d love to hear ideas you have for improving our program.

  4. Hearty, your comment is very negative and offers no insight into how this program could be changed or improved. Theresa, hats off to you for doing this. I am a teacher, as well, and I understand the benefits of this approach.

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