Chris B. Murray – Sandy Hook CT Charity Print


A print I did for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. It’s now available for sale, selling for $50, 13″ x 17.5″ on heavy art rag paper. %75 of the proceeds will be donated to a charity benefiting the families that were affected. I raised nearly $1,500 for the Tsunami victims of Japan a couple years back and would like to double that amount if possible. Please share, thank you!

External Link: Chris B. Murray – Sandy Hook CT Charity Print


Chris B. Murray grew up in a small, upstate NY town where he first discovered the beauty and color in comic illustrations, graffiti magazines, & various children’s books. One summer during his high-school years, CBM created his first storybook, completely illustrated & narrated. The book depicted various situations he & his close friends encountered over the years. CBM soon realized the amount of hard work it would take to become successful in the art game. For the time being, CBM resides in sunny Philadelphia where he lives with his beautiful girlfriend Emily and spends countless hours creating new visual stimulations for the public.

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