Google+… Why?


I have a Google+ account and we have a Google+ page for The LCS and hai, but I do wonder whether its worth keeping them up-to-date. I’m not inclined to promote G+ via the websites in question as the reason I’m using G+ at the moment is primarily as a marketing tool, although secondary as another channel of communication. Real estate isn’t necessary a premium on the sites, but you don’t want to overwhelm users with a long list of social icons, you want to keep them focused. The problem is if you compare G+ to a social network like Facebook, not many people are using G+ at the moment. Twitter is happy to work together with most other services as its communication model is quite unique. Another problem is do you duplicate content across networks, what if different people are using different network? But saying that, what if they’re the same people… Are you going to alienate interactions with duplicate content and segment commentaries.

I think we’ll hang in there for now, but someday I think we’re going to need to decide is G+ really worth the effort.

Darren Di Lieto

Darren Di Lieto is the founder and editor of LCSV4 the illustration news portal. The illustration new portal is a place on the net for the promotion of illustration and the self promotion of illustrators.

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