Bryan Collins – Time Lapse Colored Pencil…


This time lapse video by Bryan Collins condenses roughly six hours of illustrating into about six minutes of footage. It shows the stages and process used for his colored pencil creations on cradled wood bases. New originals are made available on the first day of each month in his online shop. See the video for more info. Enjoy!

External Link: Bryan Collins – Time Lapse Colored Pencil…


I paint mostly with acrylics, and illustrate mostly with Prismacolor pencils. I like to work on canvas, panel, and designer toys. I like bold, vibrant colors. I like coffee and fishing.

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  1. Ricardo Guzmán says:

    Great work! I need to get me some of those prismacolors! =D

  2. Thank you, Ricardo. I love the Prismacolors. The saturation you can get with them is great.

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