Stephen Harnwell Jones – Official Windows Magazine


A rolling commission for the Official Windows Magazine, my quirky vibrating dog was created for the launch issue. Like all my work, it started life hand drawn in pencil, before being coloured up using the official Windows colour palette using Photoshop.

External Link: Stephen Harnwell Jones – Official Windows Magazine


Since the age of 5, I've always been seen with a pencil in my hand, frantically scribbling down what is in my head. My inspiration comes in many forms, from 1950's poster art to the quirky Japanese characters used to promote the simplest of products. I try to keep my ideas timeless, grounded in the iconic symbols of a timeless era. In the world of illustration, I guess anything goes, because thats the point of it - to communicate an idea in an easily remembered original way. I generally uses 2B, 4B, 6B and 9B graphite pencils and textured paper, adding digital colour to my work, making it the perfect medium for print, advertising and online usage.

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