Illustration Jester – Quintessential Mural & Time lapse


I’m very excited to present my most recent project! In seven days I transformed the shop front of quintessential in Truro, Cornwall.

In collaboration with Mulberry Media, Aymie Thompson and Heather Field we produced a time lapse showing from start to finish. The music was contributed by Teknikal Wizzard.

See the full journey on my webpage with other mural work and illustration.

External Link: Illustration Jester – Quintessential Mural & Time lapse

Illustration Jester

My passion is illustrating narratives enticing the viewer, child or adult in to vivid worlds that highlight the bizare and wonderful. Inspired by my travels and dreams i indulge in extravegant sketchbooks imaginatively playing with the diversities of the world, all in the aim to promote an inquisitive nature.

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