Yoko Furusho – Yoko Furusho’s Exhibition in Barcelona!


I am pleased to announce YOKO FURUSHO’SSOLO EXHIBITION “Camouflage” in Barcelona! from September 5th 2012. at Mitte Art Space Barcelona – Bailén 86 – 08009. For this exhibition, the gallery space will become the imaginary world where people can escape from the real life. Furusho will fill the space with many characters, weird animals, mushrooms and monsters in a single color-monochrome drawings.

External Link: Yoko Furusho – Yoko Furusho’s Exhibition in Barcelona!

Yoko Furusho

YOKO FURUSHO is a Japanese artist/illustrator based in New York. She born in Tokyo and moved to New York for studying illustration at School of Visual Arts. After her graduation, she started her career as a professional illustrator/artist. She likes to draw details, textures and patterns with ink and acrylics. She usually uses fashion as her inspiration. She is addicted to collect fashion magazines and she likes to see many dresses and cute textiles. Now she is working as an illustrator for many magazines and newspapers. Recently she had her first solo-show in New York, “EXHALE“ at destination NY art space in September 2008. She has been having several shows in all over the world.

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