Born and raised on the East coast of Florida. Wilson has been drawing fervently from the moment he could hold a crayon in his hand. His earliest interests started in Comic books, Saturday morning cartoons and the Kids section of the local public library. While some things have evolved since then, his enthusiasm and youthful spirit remains. In high-school Wilson decided to pursue Art as his life long career. He attended Ringling School of Art and Design where he received his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Illustration. He’s been a successful commercial artist and designer for the past twelve years. And he still dedicates a considerable amount of time to comic books, cartoons and the local public library.

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  1. Paula Lindsay says:

    Thank you for your blog, Mr. Williams. I found your artwork searching for a children’s illustrator to fulfill an assignment for a Reflections in Creativity graduate class at the University of Miami. The depth portrayed in your artwork, not only in dimension, but in character, the anime quality, the blending of color, and the use of curved lines expressed a serenity within the motion. Your wonderfully unselfish blog was great educational tool. Best Wishes.

  2. Thank you so much Paula! It’s always nice to hear that the things we are doing on Once Upon A Sketch are having an impact! Thank you as well for the compliments on my artwork. If there are any question I can answer in regards to your assignment feel free to contact me!

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