Ramsey Sibaja Ramsey – Commissioned Art


In order to help fund a project I am working on I am currently taking in submissions at the incredibly low price of $60 per commission illustrate. Slots for requests are limited to just 20. After those slots are filled the requests are closed. Any future commissioned art will be at my higher regular rate.
You get a awesome piece of original art, I get funding for my projects. It’s a win, win.

External Link: Ramsey Sibaja Ramsey – Commissioned Art


Freelance Illustrator and graphic designer. Influenced by early Japanese monster flicks like Godzilla and Mothra. B-movies, Cult Sci-Fi flicks, pop culture, music, comics, cartoons and all the other goodies that seeped into my brain as an impressionable youth corrupted visually by all those influences.

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