Marguerite Sauvage – Risographica exhibition – Free bird, singing bird


This piece is currently exhibited at Risographica 2 collective exhibition that take place at Lamington Drive Gallery, till September 29, in Melbourne, Australia. Each of 38 artist did a A3 in 2-colour image that will be printed and sold in limited editions of 10 with a percentage of each sale being donated to Vision Australia.

External Link: Marguerite Sauvage – Risographica exhibition – Free bird, singing bird

Marguerite Sauvage

Based in Paris, Marguerite Sauvage has worked since 2001 as an illustrator, art director and animator creating chic modern illustrations that capture the lifestyle of today’s trendsetters. She quickly seduced titles such as Elle and rapidly exported her work overseas in various field in press and publishing.With illustration that is stylish yet accessible, she has been in demand with prominent advertising and corporate clients including PlayStation, Apple, Marshall Fields, Motorola or Orange. Her work has been published and exposed in a number of books on various topics relating to art and design. Everyday life is probably her biggest source of inspiration. ”Happiness and anti-stress: I just want to make things prettier.” Marguerite’s animation work has touched on both series and character design as well as commercial animation applications such as short films, web and commercials.

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