Dan Rosandich – Cartoonist To Display Portfolio Page In Directory Of Illustration


Michigan cartoonist Dan Rosandich will once again display a page of his cartooning / humorous illustrative style in the soon to be released Directory Of Illustration #29 published by Serbin Communications of Santa Barbara, California. The page on which Dan’s work will appear is page 426 and Dan asks that all art and creative directors bookmark this information for future reference.

Dan Rosandich

Have over 32 years of experience as a fulltime cartoonist and humorous illustrator. Began primarily as a gag cartoonist and have had single panel cartoonjs appear in Saturday Evening Post, Good Housekeeping, Better Homes & gardens, National Enquirer, Saturday Review plus a wide array of trade journals, newsletters and regional magazines. Have also illustrated advertising images, package design and cartoons for apparel. Also maintain my own image licensing database and offer my cartoons for reprint to interested potential clientele.

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