Alex Dukal – August Sketchbook


Sketchbooks are an awesome excuse to breathe between work assignments. So, here are some sketches from the past weeks.

External Link: Alex Dukal – August Sketchbook

Alex Dukal

Alex Dukal is an illustrator born and raised between the wastelands, wind and sand from Patagonia Argentina. He studied at the National School of Fine Arts "Manuel Belgrano" of Buenos Aires. From very young, Alex started to publish comics and illustrations in the legendary "Fierro" magazine. He spent some years dedicated to painting and teaching illustration and comics to young people. Actually he works for publishers from all around the world, enjoying and illustrating with passion different kind of projects, mostly for children's books and design agencies. Clients: Fallon (Agency - USA), Editorial Sudamericana (Argentina), Le Monde Diplomatique (Buenos Aires), Aya Dubai (Arab Emirates), Editorial Quipu (Argentina), Ediciones Pictus (Argentina), ISEN (Instituto del Servicio Exterior de la NaciĆ³n - Argentina), Ministry of Education (Argentina), Editorial Puerto de Palos (MacMillan - Argentina), Ponieman-Murlender (Agency - Argentina), Ediciones SM (Puerto Rico), La Comunidad (Agency - Argentina), Booth-Clibborn Editions (UK), Harper-Collins Publishers (USA)

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