Antonio Bernal – The Man in the Hat,- A watercolor illustration series

The Man in the Hat is a series of watercolor & ink illustrations by Antonio Bernal.

The Man in the hat is a fictional character who accidentally appeared in this series and became the protagonist of it. The series portrays colorful, light-hearted, cheerful and beautiful scenes that the Man in the Hat finds in his amazing, imaginary journeys.

External Link: Antonio Bernal – The Man in the Hat,- A watercolor illustration series


My name is Antonio Bernal, I'm a Spanish illustrator based in Cork, Ireland. I'm a self-taught artist, and watercolor and ink is my favourite medium. Ironically, I never wear hats (I don't think they suit me!). During Autumn 2011 I started painting with watercolors and inks, and after a few experiments, this Man in the Hat made appearance. At first, he was just an easy figure to use for my compositions, but since them I haven't managed to get rid of him, so he's become the center and leitmotiv of this series. One of my main references is the French illustrator Jacques de Loustal, whose artwork I've followed and loved over the last few years. His capacity to suggest a plot without dictating it and his taste for silent characters and evocative, beautiful, melancholic landscapes is something that I found very appealing and try to reflect on my own artwork. You can find and follow the Man in the Hat in: Website: Facebook: Twitter: themaninthehat_

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