Diramazioni is a two creatives team based in Milan. We are two illustrators/designers, partners in work and life and also collaborate on the same illustration combining our vision and skills. “Diramazioni” comes from the following concept: through the possible ideas, stratification of thoughts and branches of colors you can reach a recollection. This is why we consider different projects and like to create something which is visually and conceptually coherent with our clients need and our personal quality- philosophy and visual feeling. We have developed our visual experience using various media and mixing drawing/painting/material techniques with digital ones as photography and photoshop. We primarly are illustrators, and as freelancers illustration is the part of our activity we want to focus on mostly. Nevertheless we are working on commission in different creative and visual projects both in illustration and graphic design. We also currently have been art directors of Edizioni XII (independent italian publisher). We recently have illustrated the Pop-up book "The illustrated Edgar Allan Poe" (cover and interior illustrations). Some of our clients: Horace Kidman Communication Agency, Edizioni XII, Quarto books publishing (UK)/ Canterbury Classics, Bononia University Press, IBC magazine, Le Théatre de Laval, Erca SpA and Wolf Italia, Avantgarde Music... Featured in: interview in DPI Magazine of Taiwan (2007), "Design Stars Boulevard" (2008) (special book including worldwide contemporary illustrators), "Knife 3" magazine (2012). Last selections at illustration competitions (with related exhibitions) and Awards: -2010 CQ21, “Creative Quarterly” magazine -the Journal of Art & design - selected among the "runner ups" illustrators "illustration: professional" section. -2009 International Illustration Award organized by Accademia Pictor and Editrice Sonda for a poster on the theme "Animals are my friends…and I don’t eat my friends” (Gorge Bernard Shaw) with exhibition at TORINO BOOKFAIR and publication in the VEGAGENDA 20010 (10.000 copies) september 2009. -"Como la vé ? realidad gráfica" 2008 organized by UDI (University of graphic design of Bucaramanga, Colombia) -2007 international illustration competition “Illustrissimi” (on the theme of nature, earth, environment) with publication in the catalogue and collective exhibitions at Castello di Riccione and Palazzo del Capitano di Bagno di Romagna. - 8° International Illustration competition organized by “Accademia Pictor” titled “Hansel e Gretel” 2007 with exhibition at Lingotto Fiere (into “Torino comics” manifestation) . -"Fumetto International > Talent Award" 2006 Special Mention for the Best illustration, and exhibition at Triennale di Milano (july/september 2006) with publication of the short graphic novel in "Zero" magazine and in “Mondo Naif”, Kappa Edizioni. -"SilentARTMOVIES" 2005 Award first Prize for a poster for “Strade del Cinema” silent art movie Festival of Aosta. http://www.diramazioni.it http://diramazioni.tumblr.com/ http://www.twitter.com/diramazioni shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Diramazioni

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