Cap Pannell

Cap Pannell has illustrated for Angels on Earth magazine, Bruegger’s Bagel Bakery, Cadmus Journal Services, ClubCorp, Cure magazine, Dallas Society of Visual Communications, The Dallas Morning News, Developmental Learning Services, Federated Stores, Hunt Oil Company, Metromedia Long Distance, Museum of Natural History New York, National Pork Board, NCH Corporation, P.C. magazine, Southern Methodist University, Southwestern Bell, TGI Fridays, University of Notre Dame, University of Texas, University of Richmond, and the U.S. Postal Service. Cap has received numerous awards from national graphic design organizations and publications, with work featured in Communication Arts, Graphis, Print’s Regional Design Annual, and Print Casebooks. Cap has served as a judge for the Communications Arts annual of illustration and Print Casebooks.

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  1. Mary Thoma says:

    I pinned this illustration to my Pinterest Board “Age Before Beauty” Mary Oklahoma Thoma: Discover all the beauty of every season of your life. Spring, summer and fall seem to speak for themselves, however the architecture of old age is really about the bare bones of who we are. Once all the leaves have fallen away our insight grows keen with the knowledge of life. I am quoting myself, I have spent my entire life working with adults who are aged or disabled or both. Now at the eve of my 60th birthday I pledge to undo some of the doing that has been done to “old women”. Women are particularly fond of discounting their own powerhouse of strength in old age. STOP IT! We have a place of superior poise and fortitude in our old age we must only give it credibility.

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