Lea Barozzi – “Little Maidens” Lea Barozzi Solo show


Lea Barozzi’s solo show “Little Maidens” will be opening at Habitude in Seattle’s Ballard District, April 14th from 6-9. Lea’s work is populated with little maidens and echoes of discarded dolls who are no strangers to loneliness but persevere to find their way in the dark out of the corners they have found themselves painted into.

External Link: Lea Barozzi – “Little Maidens” Lea Barozzi Solo show


Lea's art work currently hangs in galleries around Portland and Los Angeles. Her graphic design projects include punk bands, coffee shops, foreign cities, and non-profit organizations. Her illustrations have been featured on cd covers, books, jewelry and apparel. When she is not covered in oil paint, she also enjoys sucking at tennis, riding bikes, and beating her husband at pool. She currently lives in Portland with her husband, her boy, and her cat.

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