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New Zealand illustrative artist Kelly Spencer will be showing her enchanting new body of watercolour works on paper at Deluxe Cafe in Wellington (NZ) from 9-22 April. The new pieces are Inspired by (but by no means an accurate representation of…) the magnificent iconography and imagery of Hinduism. Spencer works as a freelance illustrative artist, moonlighting in graphic design.

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Kelly Spencer

Kelly was born and bred basking in the sunshine of the east coast of New Zealand, but now endures the chill that is Wellington, on account of the nourishing and ever flourishing artistic community. She works as a freelance illustrative artist, moonlighting in graphic design. Kelly has undergone no formal training in visual art, which has given her the freedom to create her own style, unburdened by rules and traditions. She paints using watercolour, loving the medium for it's patience-testing unpredictability, vibrancy, and versatility. Her subject matter is frequently focused on the critters we share this planet with, all of whom she holds most dear to her heart. Kelly's works are created to tell a story, be it through delicate movement, strange interactions, or a suggestive side-cast gaze. Every one of Kelly's creatures boasts personal experiences, feelings and fears. They have a history, and a future. The story unfolds as the paint dries, creating an emotional bond between artist and subject. Yet it is important that the viewers response is their own, interpreting what they see into a tale that is theirs to muse over as they please.

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