Hector Borboa – Mr. Bob says hi to the Society!


Hi Everyone!
Just joined this awesome society and I wanted to share with you a sample of my work, hope you like it! BTW… you can see more of my work in the external link.


External Link: Hector Borboa – Mr. Bob says hi to the Society!

Mr. Bob

A Mexican illustrator whose constant exposure to movies, cartoons and rock of the 80's mutated the right lobe of his brain giving him the ability to use a pencil with his right hand and communicate his ideas through illustrations, now, he requires a considerable dose of Coffee and Dr. Pepper™ (or as he calls it, Ambrosia of the Gods ) to keep constantly running his right lobe to his full potential, it´s been told that he uses a Moleskine™ were he writes and doodles ideas. He's nuts for editorial illustration, character design, UPA style from the 50´s, animation, branding & world domination!!!… emmm… Sorry!, that last part was written by my evil dachshund.

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