Francesca D’Ottavi – Red passion


The project name is, “one illos per week”, a regular training ,based on the idea to produce without brief, or theme, or clients, one illustration every week.
Hoping that you will like them.

External Link: Francesca D’Ottavi – Red passion

D'Ottavi Francesca

Freelance illustrator since 1991. MacIntosh user since 1995. I was born when the first man left his first footprint on the Moon. Few years later I left my first mark on a piece of paper. Clients: A.CURCIO EDITORE/Roma AVVENIMENTI magazine/Roma COURAGE BOOKSPhiladelphia ILEX BOOKS/London UKDORLING KINDERSLY/London UKALADDINWATS/London UKLAROUSSE PUBLISHING GROUP/KINGFISHER/London - Paris DOGI/FirenzeA.MONDADORI/Milano FATATRAC/Firenze ITALPROMO/RomaENPAF/Roma PETER BEDRICKS BOOKSLondon UKDE AGOSTINI/Novara EAGLE PUBLISHING LTD/London UKEDIZIONIANCORAMilano GRUPPOESPRESSO/RomaF.RATTI EDITORE/RomaFLEURUSMAMEParis QUED-QUARTO BOOKS/London UK MONDO TV/Roma ANNMCRAE BOOKS/Firenze GRUPPOBUFFETTI/Roma STARRYDOG BOOKS/London UKEDIZIONI e/o Roma SIDERAL EDIZIONI/Roma PROFORMAT SRL/Roma AMG/RomaEURO-RSCG LIFE/Roma VINCI & PARTNERS/Roma WELDON OWEN/Australia EURO RSCGlife/Roma CAPSTONE publishers MinneapolisUSA BACKGROUND DESIGNER FOR MONDO TV/Roma COLLABORAZIONI/COLLABORATIONS EDI STUDIO/Roma LADIF/Roma ATTIVITA' D'INSEGNAMENTO/TEACHING JOBS: ICEI/Roma(watercolors and publishing illustration) Officina B5/Roma (visual and digital painting) ISIA/Urbino(workshop)

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