Silvia Pavarini – OLD WINTER LOVE


Illustration on the part of a project and sign on the line repeated so bittersweet. A doodle with big eyes and restless from the soul, like winter!

External Link: Silvia Pavarini – OLD WINTER LOVE

silvia pavarini

graduated from the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan in advertising graphic design, is born to school his interest in the illustration, a passion and a love that continues to shape and customize many of his works. After an initial period of watercolor illustrations are always oriented more towards the "sign" as the line, and is confused by his marks in pencil what created the "scribble" small girls with big eyes and from the soul which is ever restless especially fond and who will create an ironic, surreal world. The female figure is dominant in all its facets and more colorful than the pencil is the tool that makes it real feelings, conflicts and dreams.

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