Sara Michaels – Bad Fairy

Bad-Fairy1_chimpWhy are fairies always portrayed as light, adorable, generous little creatures who dust magic powder and sing songs to butterflies? Please. There are probably plenty of defect fairies out there with just as many vices as humans.

Illustrated by Sara E. Michaels at SEM Illustrations

External Link: Sara Michaels – Bad Fairy


I am a children’s book illustrator, painter and graphic designer. I've had my illustrations published in two children’s books with MJM Books, entitled "A Day in the Park" and "Ruler of Space." Much of my work is based on pop and geek culture, with illustrations based on films, music and television shows. I enjoy taking something I feel passionate about and creating something totally new from that passion. I also love Mother Goose, old fairy tales and folk tales. Because I don't see a lot these stories on the bestseller lists anymore, I really have a lot of fun reinterpreting them to my own liking. A big influence of mine has been Roald Dahl, who was able to create innocent stories and turn them into subtly disturbing masterpieces. I think a lot of my work reflects my embrace of the darker, more -- well, let's just say odd -- aspects of children's stories.

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