Linda Olafsdottir – A Complete Website Makeover


After quite a few long days, late nights and busy weekends my website is finally up and running, updated and improved! It was a collaboration between me an my husband (the web-designer) to pimp up my website as it needed a total makeover.
It also has a lot of new illustrations and paintings – enjoy!

External Link: Linda Olafsdottir – A Complete Website Makeover

Linda Olafsdottir

I'm an Icelandic illustrator, living in Reykjavík with my husband and two kids. I really like to draw... ...a lot, every single day, often in the evening and sometimes at night. Picture books are my passion and I'm constantly being inspired in my own (often very loud) little house. When not trying to escape trolls or erupting volcano's, I chase my kids, draw and paint, preferably the creatures I'm chasing after and also the place that I live in. I have a BFA degree from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts and an MFA degree in Illustration from the Academy of Art University in the oh so lovely city of San Francisco.

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