Alastair Stephen – Into Absence


Title – Into Absence
Service – T-Shirt Design + Price Tag
Client – Jamie Wilson & Cameron Trager

Description – To design a t-shirt graphic for the metal label: Into Absence.
Idea – An angel reaching out, being dragged into nothingness, bloody and scratched floor.

Tools – Illustrator, Photoshop, “Ghastly Panic” font face, Grunge Brush and Splat Brush.
Render – Standard 9×11″ PDF and PNG +

External Link: Alastair Stephen – Into Absence


Hi there, My name is Alastair, im 18 and im a Graphic Designer in and around the Glasgow area, Scotland. Design is my life, as it has been a big part for most of it. I am currently employed at a digital signage business as a Graphic and Animation Developer, however i still manage to find time to dedicate my love for design at home too. My freelance work, i try to do the best i can for my loyal customers, so much so, they admire what i do. If you are interested in my design life, or you have a project for me to complete, Contact me: and 07413479757. Thank You (:

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