Kristian Olson

Kristian Olson is an award winning illustrator and fine artist living in Los Angeles, California. He grew up in Orange County and has since lived all over the state: from the Bay Area, to the Central Valley, to the Inland Empire. His unusual and often bizarre style is the product of years of experimentation with both digital and traditional media. The strange, decorative subjects in his work reflect an other-wordly sense of mystery, fascination, fear and delight. Often lurking in the background of his imaginative art are hidden words and stories, coded or obscured from the viewer's eye, adding to this sense of mystery. And although his artistic influences are wide and varied, much of his inspiration comes from a constant curiosity about the world around him. When Kristian isn't creating art he is often refueling his creativity by camping and hiking in the mountains or surfing at the beach.

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