Ben Jelfs – Block hovering art directors with Instant Afro


I did this illustration for fun. Anyone who has worked in a creative dept knows about hovering art directors which have been featured on this site  So I thought ‘Instant Afro’ could be away around it.

External Link: Ben Jelfs – Block hovering art directors with Instant Afro

Ben Jelfs

Combining sticks of graphite with splashes of digital colour, Ben Jelfs creates illustrations that are as unique as they are eye catching. Some are comical, some are hyper-realistic, but all are executed with charm and personality. After spending 14 years as an award-winning Art Director, Ben took some time out to rekindle his love for drawing. Good thing he did, because few can take a brief like Ben. Due to his years of experience as an Art Director, his drawings are alive with a sympathetic insight into how a story should be told. It’s the perfect equilibrium of technique, sophistication and framing that allows Ben to deliver much more than lines on a piece of paper

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