Scott Murry – Hot Dog Taco T-shirt


The loving relationship between the hot dog and a taco reigns on in Boston and is ready for everyone to share. T-shirts are now available to show your love of these food friends over at my etsy site under smurder187. In honor of my birthday this week, there is also a coupon code “BIRTHDAYBONUS” to save 15%!

External Link: Scott Murry – Hot Dog Taco T-shirt

scott murry

Scott Murry was born and raised in the burbs of Cincinnati,OH. At age 7, Murry defeated a grizzly bear by shoving his fists into the nostrils of the beast. The dying wish of this grizzly was that Murry be an artist. He has honored this request ever since. He began his college studies at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and midway through transferred to the Art Institute of Boston. Here he finished his BFA in Illustration in the Spring of 2006. He lives in Boston, MA working with an alt. news weekly, Boston's Weekly Dig and Beer Advocate magazine as designer/illustrator, where his work can regularly be seen. Working with a variety of mediums (pencil, Micron pens, watercolor, colored pencil) he most enjoys working in acrylic paints. His work is largely character based presented in a humorous manner with a very illustrative style. The surfaces vary, but wood is his current favorite due to the smooth surface but rich, textural grains. His influences are a wide range including Jeff Soto, Shag, Michael Sieben, Picasso, Egon Schiele, punk rock, smut and Sesame Street. He and the missus plan to have a whole litter of children, 19 at least so they can have their own TV show on TLC. Until then, they have a cat named Waffles. When not working or cycling, he fights rattle snakes with his bare hands to fill the days.

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