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Mouse&papel is a collective of illustrators and artists Chilean founded in 2007, to gather by the interest in experimenting and discovering the visual artistic language. All are invited to participate in our site!

External Link: Rodrigo Díaz Carrizo – Mouse&papel new site!

Rodrigo Díaz Carrizo

Rodrigo Díaz Carrizo is Illustrator. Bachelor of Arts from the University of Chile. From Child receives teaching drawing and painting,and obtaining distinctions in this area, highlighting the awards, Bank of Chile's Young Artists Competition Valparaiso (CHI 2003), Fashion illustration in Computer technologies by Anaya Multimedia and Corel(ESP 2007), American illustration 27/Chosen (USA 2008) and American illustration 28/selected (USA 2009). Has published his work in America economía, Harvard Business Review América Latina, TEN Magazine, Corel painter Review, Mac users review, foco 76, among other print media. Lives and works in Santiago de Chile.

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