Fred Noland

Fred has been drawing since he could hold a pencil between his webbed fingers. He draws from a deep well of inspiration ranging from the Expressionists to Underground Comics. His illustrations have appeared in the LA Weekly, Bike, Nickelodeon, Canoe and Kayak, the Illinois Times, XboX Magazine, TokyoPop, the Santa Fe Reporter and more. His art has been featured in the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum, and the Oakland Museum at the OAK installation. He has also taken part in group shows at the San Francisco's Amaru Gallery and RPS in Oakland. As a cartoonist, he has produced a series of increasingly innovative and eccentric minis. His current project, Black Sheep, features his most ambitious work yet. The six-part "Neighborhood of the Beast" explores the darker side of suburbia. Other highlights include the Southern Gothic Midnight Creep and his self proclaimed "jam comic from hell" Mantequilla del Pato (with the incomparable Trevor Alixopulos). Fred resides in Oakland. When he's not working you can find him cycling through the East Bay hills.

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