Robert Shadbolt – Happy Hankies


Happy Hankies for huffy husbands and grumpy grandads!
100% cotton double-pack of handkerchiefs, available in sky blue & sunshine, and classic blue & raspberry.
Screenprinted by hand, the hankies are covered with smiley faces, a twist on the classic spotty hankerchief.
Illustration by Robert Shadbolt, screenprinted by Mr.PS

External Link: Robert Shadbolt – Happy Hankies

Robert Shadbolt

Robert Shadbolt graduated from the RCA in 1984 when he was already illustrating for Vogue. Since then he has continued to work for magazines and newspapers. He now also runs the Illustration pathway at Salford University. Salford Illustration supports and promotes artists engaged in the practice of illustration living and working in Salford. It is a platform for debate and a place to share information.I now have a years worth of work produced over the first year of the new illustration pathway on BA Graphic Design at Sanford University .I am slowly posting examples of project work by students on the illustration pathway. Salford Illustration

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