Patt Kelley – Fictional Girls Postcard Set


Patt Kelley’s ongoing “Fictional Girls” series is now available in postcard form.
The Fictional Girls postcard set features five different postcards with female characters from film and television. The set includes…..

Charlotte- Lost in Translation
Joan- Mad Men
Diane- Fur
Rosemary- Rosemary’s Baby
Margot- The Royal Tenenbaums

All for only $6.

External Link: Patt Kelley – Fictional Girls Postcard Set


hi. i’m an artist working in the boston area. i do a comic series about circus freaks called parasitic twin. i’m working on a graphic novel about an elderly couple, a young goth girl, and a dinosaur three boys find in the woods. most of my work revolves around the concept of love and death. two things that fascinate me to no end. two thing i will probably never fully understand.

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