Kazue Shima – Paper work -fashion illustration-Black Mantle

fashion illustration Black Mantle

This is my 1st creation with paper work. ( actually it is paper tape). I wanted to make dramatic mantle. Actually we have no chance to see this style in our daily life, but I’ve been fascinated by this style in historical movie or image. It suits a darkness, silence, shadow and misty road.. But this style is so stylish, and I want to express this style by straight and strong line with Paper Tape.

External Link: Kazue Shima – Paper work -fashion illustration-Black Mantle


After cat walk fashion model for ten years, I started to fashion illustration. So, my work is based on the study of forms and technique, line and style. At the same time, I think that the atmosphere of the scenes is important. Mostly, I’m inspired by people-watching, music and many colors. I worked on developing my fashion illustration skills, and I can reach to my world, that brush ink can create a fashion mood, and the black color tell us a drama. When I was walking the stage, I could express the fashion with fabulous clothes, but now I can pass you my world by drawing fashion illustration. Fashion images should be Dramatic! LINE and SHAPE!

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