Jo Fallon – The King’s Speech


A personal reworking of ‘The King’s Speech’ poster is the latest portrait illustration to feature on her recently redesigned and updated website.

External Link: Jo Fallon – The King’s Speech

Joanna Fallon

Joanna Fallon is an Illustrator currently working and living in Aylesbury, UK. Her main interests lie in portraiture, but is also strongly influenced by nature, music and Japanese imagery.

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  1. Mark Redetzke says:

    Hi – Saw the movie tonight and I wanted to post something on Pintrest to call it out and your poster jumped out at me. I think it’s lovely – the color pallet is wonderful and so are the illustration and typography in general. I would have enjoyed more white space on the top 80% by relocating the Academy Award information down in the bottom as well. That said, it’s wonderful. Thank you for creating it!

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