Cyrus Deboo – City Guide 2011 for Vancouver Magazine


I produced this map of Vancouver for the City Guide book 2011. The map was designed as a quick reference to give visitors a sense of place. The neighbourhoods are represented by bold colourful, graphic icons, which were great fun to create, my favourite are the totem poles.

External Link: Cyrus Deboo – City Guide 2011 for Vancouver Magazine

Cyrus Deboo

Cyrus Deboo is an illustrator based in London producing versatile graphic, vector illustration art. He's experienced in providing effective and clever solutions for editorial, advertising, design and publishing clients in the UK and USA.

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  1. Kathryn McKall says:

    Wondering what the copyright is on this piece- I adore it and am hosting a wedding in Vancouver with tons of out of towners and would love to use this as the save the date!!!

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