Kazue Shima – Pink Feather Dress fashion illustration

fashion illustration pink feather dress

If I have a chance to wear gorgeous dress, I want to get lots of feather. And I want light and colored of beautiful pink. When I was a fashion model, I loved the tension before going on stage. Unfortunately, I had no chance to wear pink feather dress, but I took countless dresses. When I was on the stage of some dress designer, I had a chance to wear beautiful dress with long tail. He said me “You

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After cat walk fashion model for ten years, I started to fashion illustration. So, my work is based on the study of forms and technique, line and style. At the same time, I think that the atmosphere of the scenes is important. Mostly, I’m inspired by people-watching, music and many colors. I worked on developing my fashion illustration skills, and I can reach to my world, that brush ink can create a fashion mood, and the black color tell us a drama. When I was walking the stage, I could express the fashion with fabulous clothes, but now I can pass you my world by drawing fashion illustration. Fashion images should be Dramatic! LINE and SHAPE!

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