ben buckley

Once known for their pirates and good cider, but now known for their arts and festivities Ben’s hometown is none other than Bristol. Although far from home he still brings his creative flair up to Birmingham. Ben is a 2nd year student at the Birmingham Institute of Art and design doing Illustration. His work ranges from editorial to urban design. Although he is still finding his feet in the art world his style is slowly starting to come through and create a sense of feeling for his audience. His work focuses on extraordinary details of natural objects that are often fused with popular elements from today’s culture. Ben tries to show the detail of the world that is often overlooked by most of us because we take them for granted. Ben’s main choice of media is ink but then followed by a variation of mixed media, which gives his work a consistent finish. Recently he has also started silkscreen prints that have a rustic hand made feel to them. Some of Ben’s influences are Mattias Adolfsson, James Jean, Darick Robertson and Katsuhiro Otomo. But as well as this he also takes inspiration from the things he sees around him as shown in his work. Currently Ben is doing commissions for clients, which has helped his work improve and develop consistency. He hopes to be doing freelance into the future and is willing to take a positive approach to the work that he gets. Please contact Ben with any questions by Tele: 07793219173 Email: Website:

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