Ric Kinon – April In Paris

to catch a jelly

Hello world. Kinda new to LCS, but been following some great work on Twitter for a long time! My name is Ric Kinon, I’m a mixed media artist. I sketch, draw, paint, excrete (not really) and collage and finish it all up in Photoshop. So, here’s one of my favorite pieces “To Catch a Jelly” Hope you like it. Come check out my new website and say hi!

External Link: Ric Kinon – April In Paris

Ric Kinon

Ric Kinon is an artist and writer most widely known for his dark and surreal style, whether it be digital art, mixed media, or traditional art. His illustrations have been used in a number of medias from CD art and book covers to graphic novels and magazine advertisements. Ric was raised in the eastern United States and earned a degree in Illustration from the University of the Arts. He currently lives in Jersey City, NJ. Ric likes talking in third person

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