LV Ruiz – The Saint, The Seed, & The Rosary Bead


LV Ruiz finally gives her website a facelift and relaunches Ineffable3 version 4 – The Saint, The Seed & The Rosary Bead. New stuff is on the way, so check back often! OR visit the blog and get a sneak peek of work in progress.

External Link: LV Ruiz – The Saint, The Seed, & The Rosary Bead

LV Ruiz

"Mel LV Ruiz is an artist / woodworker based in Queens, NY. Her personal work is a combination of self reflection and spiritual understanding. Matters of the heart are explored through her signature birds, an intimate hand gesture, or a subtle facial expression. These visuals are a constant fixture in her world. They're layered in stories, with emotional complexity hidden in metaphors only known to her. She reveals her heart without ever exposing it."

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