Antoana Oreški – The Secret Corner- new shop on Etsy!


I’m so happy to announce the Grand opening of my new little handmade shop on My Etsy- The Secret Corner!!!
Finally after a lot of preparations and dilligent work I have propelled the shop and now it’s up and running, so please feel free to stop by and visit us by clicking on the link below. All my items are handmade and unique, mainly children orientated and a bit funny and corky 🙂
Really hope you guys like it!
Also there are still lots of accessories in the process of making, so a lot more will be added to the shop this month.
See you all,
Antoana Bannana

External Link: Antoana Oreški – The Secret Corner- new shop on Etsy!


Freelance illustrator from Istra, Croatia. Graduated from School of applied art and design '00 Pula, Croatia. Passionate about the world of illustrations...the sky is the limit!

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